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    Molecule is a next generation Slider and Gallery WordPress Plugin. You can create
    beautiful sliders for your website using Molecule's powerful and easy-to-use editor.
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  • 80+ Ready Designs
    The multi-concept, creative and professional, design philosophy behind Molecule
    allows to use the plugin in multi-purpose websites, fully compatible with all types of sites.
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  • 4 Niche Categories
    Our exclusive offering include niche specific categories of dedicated slider
    demo templates like wedding, photography, resume, pottery etc.
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  • Desktop
    Molecule is fully responsive and mobile-ready for nicely display on different screen
    sizes. Optimized for mobile, tablet and laptop screens, with device specific options.
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    We regularly update Molecule plugin with improved features, bug-fixes, new slider
    templates, niche categories and completely new product improvements.
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    UI-Clan team provide top-notch customer support using dedicated e-mail
    support channel. We also have extensive documentation for our customers.
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    Molecule is an  ideal choice for website owners  who wish to jump start their landing
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Elements and Icons
More than 5 different element types and Font Awesome 5 and Feather icons SVG library.
Google Fonts Library
900+ free Google fonts with font weight support and/or replicate your sites' design.
Limitless Possibilities
We used free Google Fonts and Material Design icons. It simplifies the design.
Helpful Support
Private 1-to-1 e-mail ticket support with detailed documentation and helpful tutorials.

Introducing Molecule Slider
& Gallery WordPress Plugin

The Molecule editor has a familiar options page layout interface which allows you to quickly create various types of sliders like heros, slideshows, carousels, banners, video headers etc, using the editing possibilities of the visual drag-and-drop builder. The What You See is What You Get approach shows the options that are needed to create a particular slider.

Beautiful Templates

Molecule ships with 75+ ready to import demo templates that can be imported on demand via a simple and beautiful interface. Templates are arranged properly in categories and are truly plug-and-play type. No dependencies, no hassles, just one click plug-and-play import. Templates can be imported very easily and can also be quickly exported as zip package.

Niche Categories

Quickly build your website by selecting sliders from your particular niche. Sliders in niche categories are custom designed specifically for the said category for quick plug-and-play.
Resume: Personal and company resume sliders
Molecule, Niche, Premium
Pottery: Sliders for pottery sites
Molecule, Niche, Premium
Photography: Image heavy slideshows
Molecule, Niche, Premium

Intuitive drag-&-drop content builder

Build your content using an easy and intuitive drag-and-drop interface. With both absolute and grid based support, almost any layout can be achieved with relative ease.
Quick and easy
We used free Google Fonts and Material Design icons. It simplifies the design.
Rows and Columns
We built these templates for the developers like us. The code is clean and easy.
Absolute Postion
We built these templates for the developers like us. The code is clean and easy.
Vertical Center
We used free Google Fonts and Material Design icons. It simplifies the design.
Quick Actions
We built these templates for the developers like us. The code is clean and easy.
Edit in popup
We built these templates for the developers like us. The code is clean and easy.

Many different elements are included. Modify elements, add effects, styles and transitions easily.

text / html image button shape effect element holder row column

Multiple Slider Types

Molecule Slider comes with 4 slider types all of which are responsive and mobile-friendly and can be quickly added to your site.
Hero Headers & Presentation
This is a presentation and showcase type slider with only one slide. Usually the slide does animate but otherwise most animations take place on the content elements.
Slideshow & Showcase Sliders
These sliders have usually more than one slide and only one slide is visible at a time. Multiple slide transitions and content animations are possible.
Carousel & Frame Slider
This slider type also has more than one slide but multiple slides or a part thereof are visible at the same time. The slides respond to mouse interaction.
Special Sliders
These are Molecule exclusive slider types which are unique in design and therefore can be used in specific and unique presentations.

Unique Slideshows

slideshows-1 slideshows-2 slideshows-3 slideshows-4 slideshows-5 slideshows-6

Tons of powerful interface elements

10+ different kinds of interface elements for interacting with slider. This includes navigation elements for switching slides, progressbar, loader, counters and social share.
Loaders and Progressbar
Arrows and Dots
Dashes and Numbers
Titles and Counter
Lots of Options
Enable / disable individual element, position, alignment, transitions, visibility etc.
Style Settings
Set styles for size, typography, offsets, regular, hover and active colors and opacity.
Hover & Click Animations
Use different hover, click and appear animation styles for each element separately.
Toggle & Visibility
Override global settings for individual slides and show / hide for each device sizes.

Slider Template Library & Demo Import Popup Window

75+ Custom design templates categorised under different sections, including ability to import a blank canvas or the demo template using a beautiful popup window.
Blank Canvas or Demo Content
Use either a blank canvas or import a demo slider as the starting point for your new slider. Just select your prefered choice and get started.
Quick Embed and Preview
Quickly copy the embed code or preview the slider on a separate popup window. Preview works for slider as well as individual slides.
Duplicate and Export
Quickly duplicate an existing slider with a single click. Export or import sliders quickly and easily all from a single screen.

Beautifully Responsive

Molecule is fully responsive and mobile-ready for proper display on different screen sizes. Optimized for mobile, tablet and laptop screens, custom content for different screen sizes and mobile specific options.

Documentation & Support

We provide dedicated 1-to-1 direct e-mail ticketing based support for our customers round the clock. We also provide a detailed documentation for using the plugin on our support site.
Documentation Ticket Support
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